The Libyan financial committee tasked with devising the 2021 unified budget of the country held a meeting in eastern Libyan town of Brega in the presence of officials from the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) and east-based Interim Government.

The meeting was chaired by the GNA Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala, who said the discussions aimed at building the state of reconciliation and law, adding that economic reform has a role in achieving political reform, which can be done via a unified expenditure policy that entails providing services to all Libyans across the country.

Sayala reiterated the need to keep oil production and exports operating with more support to the National Oil Corporation and its projects, adding that transparency in tackling state revenues is very important.

"We hail the progress made by the unified meeting of the board of directors of the Central Bank of Libya that led to fixing the dinar exchange rate against the US dollar. We hope this helps efforts to release Libya frozen state assets for the prosperity of all Libyans." Sayala said, hailing as well 5+5 commission efforts and agreement on ceasefire that saved Libya from more bloodshed and conflicts.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance of the GNA said the meeting reiterated the need to allocate a unified expenditure policy and a final budget draft in the coming days to be presented to the to-be-elected  national unity government.

In addition to Sayala, the meeting was attended by GNA Minister of Finance, and Interim Government's Deputy Minister of Finance as well as the governor of parallel Central Bank of Libya.