The Ministry of Economy and Trade has launched a new platform named “Mawthouq" -meaning trusted in Arabic- for registering and accrediting online stores.

The platform was introduced during a workshop organized by the ministry to regulate online stores in the Libyan market.

The event saw the attendance of Minister Muhammad Al-Hawaij of the Economy and Trade and Chairman of the Libya Trade Network, Muhammad Al-Darwish.

 Al-Hawaij approved during the workshop several online stores after they completed the registration process through the electronic platform Mawthouq. 

The participants discussed the regulatory framework for operating online stores, the approved regulations and classifications, the mechanism for registering stores through the new platform, and how to obtain operating permits for online businesses.

The beneficiaries of the service recommended supporting and developing the infrastructure of the e-commerce sector and inviting relevant parties to participate in organizing online stores through the Mawthouq platform.