The Head of the Libyan-Turkish Businessmen Association, Murtaza Karanfil, has called for more investments in Libya, stating that a large number of government industrial facilities from previous eras are not functioning, Anadolu News Agency reported, adding that Karanfil said that there are currently more than 180 governmental industrial facilities from the era of previous governments that are not operating in Libya.

Karanfil added that some of those facilities are in good condition, which attracted the attention of Turkish businessmen, reiterating that the state owns seven facilities in the industrial zone in Tajura - outside of Tripoli center. 

"The facility was established in 1977 to assemble and install trucks and pick-up trucks in Libya. The facility was built with the best equipment at that time." Karanfil said, adding that he, along with a delegation of his council from the central Turkish province of Konya, met a week ago with Libyan Deputy Prime Minister, Ramadan Abu Janah, saying he held special meetings with cities in the south of the country and the Southern Development Agency and that Abu Janah invited the mayors of the Fezzan region to the meeting. 

"We evaluated the trade route from the south to sub-Saharan Africa and other issues. More than 20 mayors attended the meeting, and the Mayor of the city of Marj, east of Benghazi, said that Libya's development will be with Turkiye." Karanfil added, saying that they have been working in Libya for 35 years and that they have created more than 1,500 job opportunities in Turkiye, stressing that "Libya is a fertile place for investment".

"We will open a second hospital in Tripoli after Misrata. We are able to establish the Libyan health infrastructure, and we are sure that there will be important changes in terms of health, tourism and trade, and the momentum will increase if Libya and Turkiye start granting entry visas mutually." He said.