Higher Financial Arrangements Committee

The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi expressed his aspiration to “neutralize public funds” away from the political conflict, create a suitable environment for holding elections, end the transitional periods, and ensure a fair distribution of resources.

Menfi added on Thursday in his speech at the convening of the first meeting of the High Financial Arrangements Committee to follow up on government spending and ensure distribution of funds in a fair manner in Sirte that the issue of allocating resources and distributing them fairly is a technical issue that the committee will be able to implement, but it requires a strong will from all parties to maintain the unity of this committee, and to resist any attempts to "disrupt this national mechanism."

He also called on experts to follow up on the committee's work and express their observations, pledging to adhere to the highest levels of transparency and openness toward the public and informing the people of the course of action of the committee. 

Menfi urged for ensuring the committee’s apolitical and professional work away from “any political positions.” He called on the committee to contribute effectively to “calming tensions” and to be “a model for the possibility of comprehensive national consensus on contentious issues.”

He stressed the importance of the role of the Audit Bureau and Administrative Control Authority in following up on existing or planned projects to ensure that the executing and contracting authorities do not deviate from development projects.