The undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Yousif Dreder, has stated they are willing to revive work in governmental factories in a short-term period.

Dreder told The New Arab that 11 industrial companies need a billion dollars in reconstruction and renovation so that they can boost local production and cover markets' demands.

"After five years of shutdown due to not obtaining letters of credit, the Busses Factory reopened. This very promising as industry sector is one of the most vital sectors to scaffold Libya's economy." He explained.

He also talked about the government factories that are suffering from lack of substances and materials such as Libyan Iron and Steel Company, adding that Food Industries Company in Misrata had been closed because it needed 150.000 Libyan dinars for maintenance.

He also said that General Electronics Company is also shut down and has employees who haven't been paid since three years. Referring also to the shutdown of Abu Kamash factory for petrochemicals whose machines stopped working since 2011 as workers were banned from entering due to the fact that it was used by armed brigades.

The Libyan government is now supervising the work of nine companies, some of which have made a good production rate this year like the tractors factory.

According to the ministry, most factories need equipment and suffer from lack of renovation and huge numbers of workers as well as lack of product marketing.

It added, in a recent statement, that there is a project under study that could lead to building a cement factory in Souq Al-Khamis district for the Civil Cement Company, besides other projects including one in Al-Kufra.