Indonesian embassy

The Indonesian embassy in Libya organized a workshop at Radisson Blu Hotel and invited a number of Libyan businesspeople who were interested in exploring the Indonesian market. The workshop was supervised by the Indonesian Chargé d’Affaires, with the participation of the Libyan-Indonesian Association of Businesspeople, to promote Indonesian products, including the sectors of petrochemicals, food, agricultural and fish products, medical equipment, cosmetics, paper sector, stationery, furniture, and information technology. 

The Indonesian Chargé d’Affaires stressed his country's desire to increase the volume of trade exchange and imports to the Libyan market, noting that the Indonesian market is promising for the Libyan market's needs of various commodities, and that the embassy is ready to provide facilities for Libyan businesspeople wishing to visit Indonesia to discover the market there.

The Chargé d’Affaires invited the attendees to go to the 38th edition of the Expo Indonesia trade fair to be held in the capital, Jakarta, on October 10-22, 2023. He also revealed during a presentation that Egypt comes at the forefront of the Arab countries in terms of the volume of trade exchange, and the value in the past year amounted to about (492 million dollars), while Saudi Arabia came at the forefront of the Arab countries in the field of importing Indonesian goods by about (120 million dollars). 

The Head of the Libyan-Indonesian Association of Businesspeople revealed, in a statement to the Libya Observer, that the volume of Indonesian imports to Libya jumped by 1000% since the beginning of the year, thanks to the efforts made by the association in cooperation with the Indonesian embassy in Tripoli to overcome some of the obstacles that were encountering Libyan businessmen to import from the Indonesian market, expressing the hope that attending the "Expo Indonesia" next October will encourage more businesspeople to enter the Indonesian market and benefit from the quality of products with reasonable prices.

It's noteworthy that the sectors of foods, stationery and paper products came at the top of Indonesian imports to Libya in the past years.