The Ministry of Economy discussed Tuesday having a specified vehicle age for the cars arriving in Libya, reviewing possible options that could also bring an end to the smuggling of scrap and the fight against forged trademarks in the Libyan market.

The remarks came in a meeting for the Minister of economy, Ali Al-Essawi, Finance Minister Faraj Bumatari and the Head of the Customs Department Tariq Al-Faqi.

The officials set 10 years as the utmost vehicle age for the cars imported into Libya. They also proposed punishing companies that are proved to be helping in smuggling Libyan scrap.

"The meeting also discussed importing commodities only through Central Bank of Libya's system of payment." The Ministry said on Facebook.

The officials discussed setting up a new office for the Customs Department to be specialized in registered trademarks and to combat forged ones.

Libya has been lately suffering of the outbreak of forged trademarks of goods coming into the market due to lack of security on borders, not to mention the massive number of old cars used on roads in the country coming from Asia and Europe due to cheap prices.