The Head of the Presidential Council Mohammed Menfi stressed in his meeting with the Minister of Oil and Gas Mohammed Oun on Wednesday the need to give priority to national companies working in the oilfield to develop the Hamada field.

Menfi confirmed that the percentage offered by the consortium of foreign companies to develop the Hamada field was very large and exaggerated, and that it was considered a neglect of public capabilities, a violation of applicable national legislation, and a clear violation of the provisions of the political agreement.

He called for implementing what was stated in the letters sent by the House of Representatives, the High Council of State, the Attorney General, and the Audit Bureau regarding avoiding the obligation of the Libyan state to bear any future burdens in the current transitional period.

In the meantime, the Minister of Oil provided Menfi with a complete briefing on the work of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, on the overlap of competencies between the Ministry and the Supreme Council of Energy, and on the steps currently being taken by the government to develop the Hamada oilfield through a consortium of a number of foreign companies.

Oun indicated that the political agreement confirmed that the executive authority was not allowed to sign long-term agreements during the transitional period, stressing the availability of the technical capacity and capabilities of national companies to develop Hamada field.