The High Council of State (HCS) held a session on Tuesday to deliberate on the "NC7 Field" in Al-Hamada Al-Hamra, where the National Oil Corporation intends to sign an investment agreement. The Council voted to reject the deal and endorsed the promotion of local investment.

Chaired by the President of the Council, Mohamed Takala, the Council decided to reject any legislation issued by the House of Representatives that contradicts the political agreement and discussed "violations" committed by the HoR in enacting laws that require consensus.

Among other primary topics discussed were sovereign positions and the findings of the relevant committee, as the Council agreed to initiate communication with the HoR to finalize procedures for key positions.

Furthermore, the session delved into the current political landscape and the proposal put forth by the United Nations mission, including developments in the 'Quintet' dialogue comprising the HoR, HCS, Prime Minister Dbeibah, PC President Menfi, and Khalifa Haftar.