The Ministry of Oil and Gas confirmed on Wednesday that there is no point in extending a gas pipeline from Libya to Greece, as the European network is one network and includes Greece, pointing to the Mellitah-Sicily line which was established and began work on September 30, 2004.

This came in response to some questions from those interested in public affairs and a number of oil and gas experts, after statements by the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, in which he confirmed the possibility of extending two gas pipelines, one linking Libya with Greece and the other linking Libya with Egypt.

Regarding the construction of pileline from Libya to Damietta in Egypt, the Ministry pointed on its Facebook page to the memorandum of understanding, which was signed on October 16, 2007 between the National Oil Corporation and the Italian company Eni for the establishment of a gas liquefaction plant in Libya.

This memorandum was amended on June 12, 2008, and both of them stipulated that a preliminary engineering study be conducted to establish a gas liquefaction plant and that a signature grant of $500 million was paid upon agreement on this project, the ministry added.