Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah has appointed the Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas, Khalifa Abdul-Sadek, to oversee the ministry's affairs following the suspension of Minister Mohammed Aoun by the Administrative Control Authority.

The PM tasked Abdul-Sadek with overseeing the ministry's affairs in addition to his primary duty as the Deputy Minister.

On Monday, the president of the Administrative Control Authority suspended Aoun from duty based on a memorandum from the director of the General Investigation Department regarding legal violations in case No. 178.

Despite his suspension from duty, Aoun chaired a meeting at the ministry on Tuesday.

Aoun confirmed that he had not received any notification of his suspension from the Administrative Control Authority. He denied knowing the reason for his suspension and questioned the basis for the decision, explicitly referring to case No. 178, emphasizing that the Administrative Control Authority had not summoned him or taken his statements regarding the case in question.