oil and gas

The Libyan Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohammed Oun, held a meeting with the organizers of the Libya Energy and Economy Summit, with the aim of informing them of upcoming initiatives in the energy sector.

Oun stressed that about a third of Libyan sites, whether on land or in the sea, have not yet been explored for the extraction of hydrocarbons, in addition to the diversification of the country's natural resource base for future production. 

They also discussed recent efforts to increase investment in the Libyan market, which is expected to lead to lift force majeure on some international operators.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas is scheduled to invite official delegations from Europe, Africa and the Middle East to participate in the event, which will be held in Tripoli on November 8 and 9, 2023. 

"The invitation aims to attract wide participation from a lot of countries and international organizations, including OPEC, with the aim of enhancing cooperation and exchanging experiences in the energy sector." The Ministry said. 

The Libya Energy and Economy Summit will focus on innovation, ambition and diversified opportunities in the energy sector in Libya. The theme of the event will be “Partnerships for Energy and Economic Opportunities”, with a focus on Libya’s important role as a regional energy supplier.