The Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohammed Oun,  confirmed that Libya can supply Europe with renewable electrical energy, in addition to linking Africa with Libya via land, rail, and sea leading to Europe and other countries of the world.

These remarks came during Oun's participation in the 44th Ministerial Council meeting of the Organization of African Petroleum Producing Countries in the presence of the ministers of member states and headed by the Minister of Energy, Water and Mining of Benin and the President of the Ministerial Council.

Oun pointed out that Libya contributes to protecting climate and environment for the benefit of present and future generations, and that Libya, as a country that is still in the process of development, does not bear any historical responsibility for climate change or damage resulting from the policies, procedures and measures that are put in place by developed countries.

He said that Libya intends to fulfill all its obligations as a developing country under the terms of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in accordance with its responsibility with the rest of the world, taking into account its limited priorities, goals and development conditions at the national and regional levels.

Oun urged for expediting the completion of the documents procedures for establishing the African Energy Bank and to refer them to member states to obtain the necessary approvals because this bank will work to finance oil projects for African countries in order to extract oil wealth and implement projects to produce renewable energy.

The meeting saw discussions on how to accelerate the completion of the establishment of the African Energy Bank through the Africa Energy Investment Corporation, which was established by the Organization of African Petroleum Producing Countries in order to support oi industry projects in Africa and benefit from them in the development of African member countries in the production of renewable energy.