Turkey's exports to Libya surged by 89.2 percent in January 2022 compared to the same month last year.

According to a statement by the Turkish-Libyan Business Council on Friday, the value of Turkish exports to Libya last January amounted to $192.6 million.

The head of the Council of the Foreign Economic Relations Committee of Turkey, Morteza Kronfel, confirmed that Turkey is a major supplier to Libya.

"Libya views Turkey as a major supplier of dozens of products, and there is a monthly change in the most exported products," Kronfel said.

The Libyan authorities had requested establishing Turkish markets and exhibitions in Libya, as well as increasing direct flights, Kronfel added, emphasizing that if such plans go ahead, including establishing a Turkish market in Benghazi, exports could grow by three digits.

He reiterated the need to focus on Benghazi and other markets that Turks did not have the opportunity to enter before. "Turkey is ranked third among the countries exporting products to eastern Libya, and the authorities want it to be the first."

The Turkish official also reaffirmed the need to increase Turkish investments in Libya, and to focus on completing the stalled projects.