The Education Monitoring Office in Tajoura Municipality east of Tripoli has convened its fourth forum on social services and school health programs under the slogan "Returning to School... Difficulties and Challenges"

The forum was held at the Industrial Research Center in Tajoura in the presence of the head of the municipality's Education Monitoring Office Al-Mabrouk Rashrash and municipal council member of Tajoura Abdel Fattah bin Othman.

The session included scientific lectures on the prevention and control of infection in schools, and the experiences of other countries and private schools in resuming classes.

Several social workers and school health paramedics presented research papers, which mainly focused on guidelines for preventing and controlling infection in education facilities.

They also discussed the role of social workers, psychological, and educational counselors in implementing precautionary measures during the new school year, measures to be taken, and recommendations to be followed by students, teachers, and parents to ensure the safety of students.