A video showing two Libyan young men being beaten by African migrants went viral on Tuesday for its apparent cruelty; security services said the attackers are now in police custody.

The Tajoura Security Directorate said it took action after the men attacked were identified to be from Tajoura Municipality.

Footage posted to social media showed the two men handcuffed, shackled, and severely beaten by a group of Chadian migrants.

Following the incident, security services in Tajoura initiated an investigation and search operation, which ended up having 15 Chadian migrants in prison.

The young men who were photographed while being assaulted and beaten identified their assailants at the police station.

The Africans were arrested on a farm in a remote area between Tajoura and Tarhuna, while another Libyan national who was among the gang fled the scene, police said, confirming that action is being taken to bring him in.

The security directorate said it is digging to unveil the truth and bring the guilty party to account, noting that both parties have been referred to the Public Prosecution for investigations.