Libyan Attorney General Al-Siddiq Al-Sour announced the release of university professor Bashir Arebi after his file was referred by the Internal Security Apparatus, according to a statement Al-Sour made to Libya Al-Ahrar TV.

Before that, the Faculty Syndicate at the University of Tripoli threatened to suspend studies at the university if the professor at the Faculty of Engineering was not released.

The Syndicate condemned “the kidnapping of nuclear engineering professor Dr. Bashir Arebi by an unknown party from inside the university campus” on Monday, demanding that the party responsible for his detention release him urgently and immediately.

Earlier, the University of Tripoli announced that Arebi was taken by an unknown group to an unknown destination. It also condemned the incident, saying that it threatened its stability, and called for maintaining Arebi's safety and releasing him immediately without restriction. It also called on the relevant authorities to assume their responsibilities to protect him, and to find out who is responsible for kidnapping him as soon as possible.

Due to the arrest, a group of residents closed the eastern entrances to Tripoli on the coastal road and the Al-Shat road, and threatened to escalate if the arrest continued.