Turkish Maarif Foundation

Minister of Education Musa Al-Maqrif received representatives from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) on Wednesday to discuss the establishment of a new school affiliated with the Turkish Maarif Foundation.

The meeting included TIKA coordinator Ali Benjakcil, assistant coordinator Hassan Mshayekh, and the Turkish Maarif Foundation School deputy head, Ahmed Emre Beqili.

Al-Maqrif emphasized the strategic partnership and historical ties between Libya and Turkey, noting the presence of 14 Libyan schools in Turkey that follow the Libyan curriculum under the Ministry of Education.

He also highlighted a cooperation agreement with Turkey's Ministry of Education in September 2021 and expressed openness to international cooperation within Libyan laws and regulations.

Minister Al-Maqrif expressed optimism for continued collaboration and emphasized the openness of Libya's Ministry of Education to international cooperation within the framework of Libyan laws and regulations. Additionally, he noted the presence of 70 foreign educational institutions currently operating in Libya.