The Central Committee for Scholarships Abroad announced that the number of beneficiaries of scholarships to study abroad reached approximately 6,000 students, adding that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research gave permission to initiate the procedures for the documentary session of financial authorization for the students to study abroad.

The committee added that it formed 26 subcommittees in universities to set controls and standards, noting the exclusion of a group of students: those over the legal age and those who received transfer decisions at home, replacement decisions, and scholarships abroad.

The lists of students were distributed among faculty members and university teaching assistants: 3,000 students, and technical education: 1,150 students, in addition to 650 others who are top students at universities and 400 students from medical specialties.

The approved lists also included 649 students from the Authority for the Families of Martyrs, Amputees and the Wounded, and 100 others from the Integration and Development Project, according to the latest statistics approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.