The Libyan university teaching staff syndicate called for ending the strike and going back to work after a meeting of syndicate leadership with the Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah and Minister of High Education, Omran Al-Geeb on Thursday.

The syndicate said 80% of the demands of the teaching staff were answered, including salary raise and incentives, adding that the Ministry of Finance will soon start giving the modified dues as per the law, and reiterating that it has gotten verbal and written assurances at the meeting that was signed by the syndicate leadership.

It also urged the teaching staff to get back to work and make up the lost hours of education to students by working one or two extra hours a day, while the Minister Al-Geeb said the agreement was a good step for education and for the modification of salaries for university teaching staff, vowing to discuss more demands next week with the Prime Minister.

He also urged the teaching staff to resume work and not to make excuses about the salaries because their issue was resolved, saying the Ministry will start to monitor the quality of teaching and take strict measures against violations.