A new academic year began for 2,345,668 students in Libya on Sunday, September 3.

Approximately 1,982,422 pupils will enrol in primary schools, while 363,246 others will head to secondary education classes.

The students will be distributed across 6,608 educational institutions, 4,271 of which are public schools, besides 52 adult education institutions, and 225 homeschools.

As per decision No. 1046 of 2023 of the Education Ministry, the first week will focus on activities to help students adapt to the academic routine.

Minister of Education Musa Al-Magarif praised the academic community and pledged to make the current school year "perfect as before".

He highlighted the ministry's efforts to start the school year as scheduled as well as providing the textbook without delay, and deemed it a success.

Al-Magarif also praised the parents for their efforts in preparing their children for the new school year and stressed their significant role in the educational process.