The Ministry of Health announced that 1.233 heart, catheterization and open-heart surgeries were performed for children in various medical centers within the framework of the program to localize medical services inside Libya, in cooperation with the private sector.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health-designate Ramadan Abu Janah held a meeting with officials in the ministry to follow up on the implementation of contracts for performing these operations, which cost 14.112.505 dinars, with an average price of 11.500 dinars per operation, all of which were successful under the supervision of the centers’ administrations. 

Abu Janah pointed to the increasing challenges facing medical centers, with regard to managing costs in light of the commitment to improving the standards of medical services, and the increasing cases of chronic diseases such as heart disease, which have witnessed an increase in the recent period.

The Minister urged for coordinating continuously in order to speed up financial procedures, so that medical centers can complete the implementation of surgical operations for patients awaiting scheduled operations on waiting lists.