The National Center for Health System Development of the Ministry of Health of the Government of National Unity organized the ceremony for announcing the National Comprehensive Healthcare Program and launching the health number system, in the presence of a number of officials.

The Director General of the National Center for Health System Development gave a presentation on the comprehensive healthcare project that began with the first applied model of digital transformation within the municipality of Abu Salim, explaining the work of the health number system that provides a comprehensive approach to healthcare by providing all means of comfort to the patients while giving the finest services.

The Ministry of Health said that the comprehensive healthcare project in health centers focuses on diagnosing the condition and providing treatment through a specialized family doctor, following up on cases of chronic, psychological and other diseases, referring cases that need therapeutic medical service that is not available at the service center, and communicating and following up on the case with the referred party. 

The Ministry explained that the comprehensive healthcare project is a strategic option for the Ministry of Health to achieve digital transformation in the field of healthcare, implement the electronic health system and family health, activate the referral system from primary healthcare centers to hospitals, and focus more on supporting programs of primary healthcare, which provides vaccination and reproductive health services, medicines for chronic diseases, community health awareness, school health, and mental health, in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development.