The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said that patients with cancerous tumors will receive treatment in their houses after making phone calls in that regard starting next year.

Dbeibah's remarks came in a speech during the opening of six new departments at the Misrata Medical Center, in the presence of the Acting Minister of Health, Ramadan Abu Janah, and the Director of the Misrata Medical Center, Dr. Mohammed Bayou.

Dbeibah said the government launched national medical programs, including the National Program for Corneal, Heart and Kidney Transplantation, the National Treatment System, and the National Cancer Control Authority, adding that Libyans will see the results soon, vowing that the beginning of next year, every patient with tumor will have the medicine delivered to their house with just a phone call.

The Libyan PM spoke about his government taking basic steps to localize treatment, and raise the efficiency of health facilities, to reform the health sector, which he said had witnessed corruption over the years until medical treatment of Libyans abroad became the prevailing option, while treating them inside the country was the exception.

Dbeibah pointed to the launching of a large-scale campaign for early detection of tumors, adding that every day, they will establish a new medical facility in every town and neighborhood, to provide decent healthcare.

Last Wednesday, the National Cancer Control Authority launched the system for registering patients with tumors, which will manage therapeutic and pharmaceutical services according to an electronic system linked to the national database, as well as the medical supply and treatment systems abroad.

The electronic system allows oncology patients to determine the patient’s medication needs, distribute them to centers and oncology treatment units according to the patient’s specific treatment quota, and also recycle the stock between centers and units.