Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of Health Ramadan Abu Jinnah has met with representatives of French companies to discuss plans for manufacturing medicines inside Libya in partnership with the latter.

The matter was raised at a meeting on the sidelines of the Libyan-French Health Forum.

According to Libya's Health Ministry, the two sides discussed aspects of cooperation with French concerned companies, such as Sanofi, Pierre Fabre, Saint Marguerite, and Servier.

Among the key issues was establishing a partnership between local and French firms on pharmaceutical manufacturing inside Libya and contributing to and developing health programs in the country.

In his discussions with St. Margaret's officials, Abu Jinnah touched upon cooperation in children's tumor treatment and implementing training programs for medical staff and pharmaceutical equipment on this side.

The minister also discussed cooperation with the Bertin company specialized in medical waste treatment and the Fortel firm for providing equipment for factories and pharmaceutical laboratories.