The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj has announced extending a contract with US medical foundation "Novick" that is specialized in heart surgery for six more months as part of a program aimed at nationalizing medical treatment.

The announcement came in an event at the Tajoura Heart Center on Sunday, when 45 Libyan medics were celebrated for finishing their training by a US Novick team.

"The contract with the foundation also helped conduct 175 complex heart surgeries for children and 20 cardiac catheterization operations." Al-Sirraj remarked.

He added that this was part of the agreement - with Dr. William Novick team - that was signed six months ago as part of the government efforts to localize medical treatment and avoid sending patients abroad.

"The US team is going to carry out the surgeries for the patients who couldn't have a turn in the last six months and they will conduct the surgeries across the entire country." Al-Sirraj added.

The foundation is headed by US doctor William Novick and has 22 doctors on board. It had done 700 surgeries for children in Benghazi and Tobruk over the last six years and then moved to Tripoli.

The foundation and the Presidential Council's head of medical treatment localization signed an agreement under the auspices of the IOM to train Libyan doctors and conduct 400 heart surgeries for children.