The Libyan National Center for Disease Control has confirmed that the epidemiological situation in Libya is still in the "community spread" stage, according to formal classification; saying the total number of infections has reached more than 388,000, while the number of deaths has amounted to 5,696.

In its weekly report on the epidemiological situation in Libya, the center indicated that the number of cases that need medical care inside health facilities reached 204, an increase of 12% over last week.

The center said that the number of active cases increased by 6% from last week and reached 8,421, adding that it had recorded a slight increase in the number of daily tests, as the average weekly tests reached 5,046, an increase of 12% over last week, while the death monitoring centers registered stability in the average number of deaths, reaching 12 cases per day, as the death rate stood at 1.55%.

It also recommended launching intensive vaccination campaigns and changing the vaccination strategy by focusing more on mobile teams instead of fixed centers to reach the targeted percentage of vaccinated people, in addition to expanding and intensifying awareness campaigns and conducting tests, especially in the eastern and southern regions.

The center also recommended returning to imposing precautionary measures in workplaces, shopping centers and public places, in addition to taking legal measures to ensure compliance with those precautionary steps. It called as well for supporting sorting and isolation centers to increase capacity and support the infection control program in isolation centers.