The National Center for Disease Control launched on Sunday a workshop in cooperation with the World Health Organization at Al-Mahari Hotel in Tripoli. The workshop is titled "Simulating Preparedness and Response to an Outbreak of Polio" and it's held after the emergence of Polio cases in African countries, including neighboring countries: Chad and Niger. According to the center, Libya is completely free of Polio cases, underscoring the fact that efforts are being made to keep Polio out of Libya. 

The workshop aims to identify the level of readiness of departments, laboratories and the health sector in general in the event of Polio cases being reported, according to a statement issued by the center, which also said it had reviewed the national plan to confront the outbreak of Polio, the reporting and monitoring mechanism, the identification of communication points and the emphasis on readiness and response to confront it at the local, regional and international levels.

The United Nations announced last Friday launching the largest Polio vaccination campaign in Africa since 2020 in three African countries with the aim of reaching 21 million children under the age of five, starting from Cameroon, Chad and Niger, and then moving to the Central African Republic after discovering 19 cases of Polio (Type 2) in those four countries.