Doctors from the Oncology Department of the Tripoli University Hospital have met with the Minister of Health Ali Al-Zanati to discuss issues facing the medical staff and the oncology patients, in particular, the pediatric oncology unit.

The Health Minister ensured the doctors that their demands will be given due consideration, especially the irregular medicine supplies, according to the Health Ministry's media office.

Al-Zanati affirmed he will make every effort to overcome the barriers that prevent them from delivering their services effectively and provide the department with all its needs, including supplying them with branded medicines rather than generic ones.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Libyan Union For Cancer Control, Asma Al-Juwaili, confirmed in statements to The Libya Observer that the union has set up a national program for cancer control, which includes awareness campaigns and encouraging women, in particular, to conduct breast self-exam at home. ​

"Every woman who loves herself and cares about her health should undergo clinical exams every two years at the least," Al-Juwaili explains.

As for those who have a family history of cancer or are over 45 years, she advised them to undergo periodic medical examinations every six months or at least once a year.