Director of the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Haider Al-Sayeh confirmed Monday that they do not have enough information about the new Corona variant Omicron, but he assured concerned people that they have the capabilities to confront it like the previous ones.

Al-Sayeh staged a press conference to address concerns over the risk of the spread of Imocran in the country as it continues to balloon around the world.

He confirmed that a set of measures have been put in place, including tightening restrictions on ports and borders, requesting people not to travel to countries where the variant was detected, and obliging travelers from the concerned countries to quarantine for ten days at their expense in a Libyan hotels, with a mandatory home quarantine for all Libyans returning from travel.

For his part, the head of the Anti-coronavirus Scientific Committee who was also present at the conference said the committee has prepared treatment protocol targeting Covid-19 patients and post-infection development, urging doctors to adopt it in public and private sectors.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the committee Ibrahim Al-Daghis told reporters that they will soon provide the Pfizer vaccine, and it will be intended for pregnant women as a priority. As for the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, Al-Daghis confirmed that they received 150,000 shots from Turkey last May.

He indicated that they were expecting a second shipment of the vaccine that did not arrive, so they decided to use the Sinopharma vaccine as a second dose for those who took the Sinovac as a first dose, as they are two vaccines of one composition.

He added that they also approved a third booster dose, similar to many countries for those over 50 and for people with chronic diseases and immunodeficiency, six months after receiving the second shot.