The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has decided to establish a branch in the city of Sabha, in order to follow up its activities in the southern region, similar to its branch in the city of Benghazi.

The NOC also decided on Sunday to transfer the headquarters of the Zallaf Libya Company for Oil &Gas Exploration and Production from the capital, Tripoli, to the city of Sabha.

These decisions come after a meeting held between the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation, Farhat bin Qadara, mayors of municipalities and several dignitaries of the southern region, which was held last August in the Sharara Oil Field.

Bin Qadara vowed in that meeting to support the southern region in several ways, the most important of which is the provision of fuel and gas, the construction of an oil refinery in the south, the opening of a branch of the Corporation in Sabha and relocate headquarters of the Zallaf Company to Sebha as well.