The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) confirmed that Khalifa Haftar’s forces made displaced people from Tawergha leave the camps in which they lived in Benghazi ahead of Storm Daniel last September, adding that the forces had prevented them from returning afterwards.

NCHRL said the displaced people of Tawergha were surprised by the issuance of a permanent evacuation order from the camps that were sheltering them in Benghazi without finding any solutions to their problem and without providing alternative shelter or rentals, as about 3,500 displaced people from the city of Tawergha had been living in camps in Benghazi.

Together with a number of human rights organizations and centers, the NCHRL considered Haftar forces’ action to displace camp residents a crime against humanity according to international law, which criminalizes the deportation of residents from their places of residence by force and any form of intimidation.