Haftar detention

Benghazi's Internal Security Agency, affiliated with Khalifa Haftar, has issued a statement to explain the circumstances surrounding the death of political activist Siraj Dagman in its prison.

The agency claimed that the deceased died of a fatal fall from a height while attempting to escape through a bathroom window.

"The deceased's family received his body after completing all legal procedures under the supervision of the public prosecutor's office, with the cause of death determined," the agency noted.

It further pledged to pursue all "funded pages aimed at spreading rumours to conceal facts and sow discord for the benefit of their financiers."

Meanwhile, Libyan Crime Watch (LCW) called for an independent investigation into Dagman's "mysterious" death and holding those responsible accountable.

The organization urged authorities in eastern Libya to immediately release Dagman's arbitrarily detained comrades without condition or restriction.

Dagman was arrested last October by the Internal Security Agency along with his companions, Fathi Al-Bajka and Tarek Al-Bashari, without specific charges.

However, security sources said that Dagman and his companions allegedly insulted the "LNA" ( Haftar self-styled army) and advocated for the overthrow of the government system during a workshop on the collapse of the Derna dam in Benghazi.