Security meeting held in Sirte

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Security meeting held in Sirte

September 13, 2017 - 14:09
Written by: HousamNajjair

A meeting took place between the Mayor of Sirte, Mukhtar Madani, and Director of the National Security Directorate, Siddiq Bin Saud, to discuss the obstacles that face the Directorate and its security services in their daily routine.

The meeting, according to the Facebook page of the Information Office of the Municipality of Sirte, stated that those present also discussed the necessity for officers to return to their positions and to deliberate actions to be taken place against those who are not present on the job.

Earlier, a large security meeting held in Sirte to discuss the reactivation of the role of the security services and the need to address issues like the new phenomenon of repeated theft of public buildings and educational institutions.