A number of residents of the village of Buhadi, located 30 kilometers south of the city of Sirte, appealed to the competent authorities and human rights organizations inside and outside Libya, calling for lifting of the siege imposed by an armed militia affiliated with Haftar's forces on the village.

Activists from the village - most of its residents belong to the Qadhadhfa tribe - said that the people of the village have been suffering from a continuous siege for two days, imposed by Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade of Saddam, the son of Haftar.

They stressed that the besieging forces cut off communications, electricity and gasoline, and closed shops. People were also prevented from going out for their needs or treatment, and secondary school exams were suspended.

Sources confirmed that the village has been subjected to intermittent bombardment since Sunday, which led to the fall of some of the shells on civilian homes, without causing any human damage so far.

The sources added that the besieged forces are still mobilizing their forces, and that there is a large military build-up with dozens of armored cars and tanks.

For its part, Haftar's forces said that they surrounded the village after its groups came under fire as they raided a farm exploited by fuel smugglers.