The head of the food unit at the Food and Drug Control Centre, Abu Bakr Marwan, said that the results of the potassium bromate tests will be ready within a week.

Earlier, the Libyan Advanced Center for Chemical Analysis said the flour used for making bread in the bakery shops contains high levels of potassium bromate that causes cancer, which the Food and Drug Control Centre denied.

In a press statement, Marwan said that potassium bromate is more expensive than flour itself, ruling out its use in bakeries, as adding it is not economically feasible for bakers due to its high price, as he put it.

He indicated that the current follow-up campaign on bakeries has nothing to do with allegations of potassium bromate being used in the bread industry.

The current campaign is periodic and relates to ensuring the adherence of bakeries to the required standers and procedures, Marwan explains.