Public Prosecutor Siddiq Al-Sour has ordered a committee to investigate reports of using potassium bromate by bakers in the bread sold to consumers.

"Teams from the Municipal Guard, the Control Center for Food and Drugs” Environmental Sanitation, and scientific centers were formed to visit bakeries and flour factories and take samples," Al-Sour said.

He indicated that the relevant authorities closed many bakeries as they lacked the minimum health requirements confirming that their owners have been summoned for questioning.

"The investigations will include analysis units of the Food and Drug Control Center after reports indicated that their devices lacked conformity," he added.

He disclosed that he contacted the customs authority to determine if potassium bromate had been smuggled through the ports.

The Public Prosecutor cautioned that there might be greater risks than potassium bromate, such as chemical additives, and so far, several such violations have been detected in bakeries, according to his statements.