The Ghadames Cultural Center hosted on Thursday the "International Day of Peace" activities in its 10th session, under the slogan "Libya in all colors."

The event was marked with the participation of various associations and institutions concerned with childhood, from more than 40 cities in Libya.

The celebration included entertainment activities and a drawing and painting competition for children, under the supervision of the Ghadames Children Association, and with the participation of the Children with Special Needs Forum.

The young artists had the opportunity to express their ideas and hope of a better world by drawing paintings about peace and love on papers as well as balloons, which they launched at the closing day of the event.

The closing day featured a collective speech, presented by the children of the Ghadames Association and a traditional costume display.

The celebration has been organized in cooperation with the Friends of Childhood Association, the Educated Child Forum, the Ghadames Cultural Center, the Children with Special Needs Forum, the "Ruwad al-Khair volunteering team, and the "Assomoud" Cultural Club, according to the General Authority for Culture.