Libya has the highest rate of water consumption in the Arab region and the world, estimated at 2,392 litres per capita per day, a recent UN publication reveals.

According to the bulletin, Libya consumes more than 80% of its renewable water resources despite being one of the most threatened countries in the world by water stress.

"Libya uses three times the average per capita consumption in the Arab world," the circular states.

The UN called for the adoption of sustainable consumption and production patterns to conserve water in Libya, as it expressed concern about the unsustainable water intake in Libya. 

The publication also revealed that Libya is among the 20 countries in the world suffering from water stress and is one of the Arab countries most threatened by water scarcity, along with Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, and Syria. 

Furthermore, 97% of the total resources used in Libya are non-renewable groundwater, amid the warnings of droughts issued by international organizations every five years, according to the same source.