A group of civil activists has filed a lawsuit against the Mayor of Al-Shwerif Municipality, Hussein Ali Al-Qadhafi, for his alleged involvement in cutting off water supplies to the city of Tripoli and other cities of the western region.

In the lawsuit, the activists said "This act is a crime against humanity".

The representative of the group, Muhammad Obaid, who handed the lawsuit to the Public Prosecutor's Office, said the lawsuit was filed by 20 citizens and was submitted on Sunday.

According to Obaid, the Public Prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant against Hussein Al-Qadhafi, confirming that it had been circulated to all state outlets.

The activists insisted that their move comes to emphasize the right to prosecute the perpetrators of such crimes and to send a message that they cannot evade justice.

On April 6, an armed group from the Shwerif Municipality -reported to be loyal to Haftar- deliberately cut off water supplies to more than two million people in Tripoli, in addition to other surrounding areas. Mayor Hussein Al-Qadhafi is said to be the leader of the group.