14 civilians wounded in indiscriminate rocket attacks by Haftar's forces on Tripoli

14 civilians wounded in indiscriminate rocket attacks by Haftar's forces on Tripoli

May 14, 2020 - 17:38
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Khalifa Haftar's forces have targeted Tripoli Central Hospital on Al-Zawiya Street in downtown the capital, leaving the residents, staffers and patients in total panic in the early hours of Thursday. 

According to the Health Ministry under the command of the Government of National Accord, the indiscriminate shelling by Haftar's forces wounded at least 14 civilians and damaged houses and properties on Tariq Al-Soor and other targeted neighborhoods in Tripoli.

The Health Ministry also said that two or three sections of the Tripoli Central Hospital had been hit by the indiscriminate rockets, saying such attacks could lead to the shutdown of the hospital. 

"The closure of the hospital will be devastating as the capital is battling the Coronavirus pandemic." Deputy Minister of Health Mohammed Haythem told reporters on Thursday. 

Haftar forces' attacks on Tripoli's civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure have intensified since the start of May in what seems to be a desperate attempt by the warlord to cover up for his forces' losses of almost all their positions in the western region, knowing that the last groups of his forces in the west of Libya are now encircled by the GNA forces and warplanes at Al-Watiya airbase. 

The spokesman for the Libyan Army under the command of GNA, Mohammed Gununu, said earlier that Libyan Air Force warplanes had carried out over nine airstrikes on Al-Watiya airbase, targeting Khalifa Haftar's forces, military vehicles and positions. 

Gununu also said that the Libyan Air Force had been carrying out reconnaissance missions over the central and western regions to depict movements of Haftar's forces and their supply lines.

"Both the western and central regions are military zones and any movement in there should get prior permission, whether military or paramilitary vehicles, fuel or goods trucks." Gununu remarked.