30 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) have called on Speaker Aqila Saleh to present 1951 constitution of Libya, the one without amendments, for deliberation so that a decision to return to federalism can be put to vote.

"We are Cyrenaica HoR members and we call for a return to the 1951 constitution that is not amended. This federal system return deliberation should be discussed in a session aired on television. We call on our brothers and partners in Tripoli and Fezzan regions to support our call which we see as the only true assurance of security in Libya.

The HoR members referred to holding meetings on the Libyan constitution track under the auspices of the United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in Cairo in the months of April, May, and June, 2022, saying what they led to was that the unamended Libyan constitution of 1951 should be put to deliberation at an HoR session and High Council of State's (HCS) session.

The HCS member, Mohammed Amazeb, accused HoR Speaker Saleh of being behind this request, saying, Saleh has been putting forward initiatives aimed at aggravating the situation and that Saleh knew that the federalism proposal is not acceptable to many parties, but he proposed this as a matter of political rivalries and an obstruction to the end of Libya’s current crisis.