The majority of Libyans are optimistic about the general elections scheduled for next December, the US embassy said Monday.

In a statement on Twitter, the embassy indicated that a US Embassy/USAID survey showed overwhelming Libyan demand for peace, unity and elections.

"Libyans’ desire to elect their next government is truly national," the embassy tweeted, explaining that the survey results indicate that nearly 60% plan to vote in the general elections; 70% optimistic about successful Dec. elections; and 2/3 reject postponing past 2021.

The US embassy called upon Berlin II delegates and Libyan representatives to make firm commitments paving the way for Libyan sovereignty and historic elections in December, underscoring that visible progress requires national unity and the removal of foreign forces.

Berlin II Conference kicks off today, with the participation of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, along with Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Holland, the UAE, Switzerland, and Tunisia, besides Libya, and the hosting country Germany.