A team from the Libyan Airports Authority visited the Gharyan International Airport project to assess the work done at the runway, which has been completed by 70%, Gharyan Municipality reported.

The municipality reported that the team included experts from the engineering and projects departments at the Airports Authority, besides other departments including the licensing department of the Civil Aviation Authority and National Center of Meteorology.

“This project is a step forward to finish the projects planned by the municipality for better services to the citizens.” A statement by the municipality of Gharyan explains.

Salah Al-Jarrah – the head of the Airports Authority team – said the work put in the project is going well but slowly given the lack of support, saying all parties involved in this project must work together to finish the runway and start the next step.

“There is must be some sort of contact with the committee tasked to get the work done at the Gharyan International Airport to help it get over the hindrances and shortages, saying this project is important as it will be a new venue for transporting goods and providing services to over 700.000 people in Gharyan and surrounding areas." Al-Jarrah indicated.