Gharyan Municipality and the city’s Comprehensive Reconciliation Committee issued Monday a statement on the provisions of the reconciliation charter between the people of the city, stipulating the necessity of rejecting regionalism and exclusion, prohibiting all armed manifestations, and disavowing anyone who commits crimes in the city.

The charter stressed the necessity of the return of the displaced in direct coordination with municipal officials, stressing that “the violators alone bear the consequences of their actions before the law and society.”

It also stressed the sanctity of blood, the preservation of honor, the preservation of property, and avoiding collective punishment or the fulfillment of rights in person, but by resorting to the law. The charter also stated that “the responsibility for securing the city and its people falls on the Gharyan Security Directorate and its affiliated bodies".

 "The municipal council is a major and direct agent in all legal, administrative and social procedures and is responsible for any measures that guarantee the implementation of the charter.” The charter says, calling on all the people of Gharyan to “adopt the language of dialogue, stay away from hate speech and incitement, and forget the past through comprehensive and honest reconciliation to achieve safety in the city.”

The city of Gharyan witnessed violent clashes late last October, after individuals affiliated with Adel Daab, the former commander of the Libya Shield Brigade, infiltrated the city, after fleeing following his work with Khalifa Haftar's forces in 2019.