Mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Group stationed near Gharyan are on alert, fearing a surprise attack from the western region, local security sources have said.

Wagner's mercenaries stationed at Brak Al-Shati Base, some 600 km south of Gharyan, fear a possible advance by brigades affiliated with the Tripoli-based Government of National Unity (GNU), the sources who spoke to the Italian Nova news agency explained.

The Russian paramilitary group had begun an intensive aerial reconnaissance in the area extending between Al-Shuwerf  -an area far north controlled by Khalifa Haftar's forces- and the Brak Al-Shati Base, home to Wagner's HQ in the resource-rich region of Fezzan south of Libya.

The area -located halfway between Sebha and Tripoli- is a vital supply line between forces in Tripoli and Fezzan.

Moreover, on Monday, October 30, the Haftar-aligned Wagner group relocated part of its forces, as well as military and logistical equipment, from the Al-Jufra Base in central Libya to the southwest.

Reliable sources suggest that this move may have been prompted by concerns surrounding the recent entry of GNU-backed forces into Gharyan, which saw armed clashes last week.

The conflict was initiated after a pro-Haftar military leader, Adel Daab, launched an attack on several military HQs in a bid to take over the city.

The GNU hit back immediately by dispatching a force to repel the aggression.