The Misrata-led forces launched Monday an all-out attack on IS last location in Sirte’s Jiza neighborhood, the member of the media office of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos, Saleh Al-Taweel confirmed.

Al-Taweel added that all the field and military senior leaders had met over the last days and came up with the needed tactics for the storming into the seaside Jiza neighborhood.

“The advance on Jiza was from the seaside as per the military tactics, which the leaders said would bring all IS militants down.” He continued.

Al-Taweel added that their forces moved all the heaps and piles of rocks and litter from the roads of Sirte for fear that IS militants might find their way back to some areas and plant mines.

In the meantime, Sirte field hospital received one fighter - from the Misrata-led forces - who was killed in clashes this morning with IS militants in Jiza neighborhood, a source from the hospital reported, adding that there were some injuries as well.

The Sirte field hospital called on all Libyan citizens to donate blood for the forces fighting IS in Sirte as it is a very urgent matter.