Libya's interest requires concessions, said Khalifa Al-Ghaweel, the head of Salvation Government, one of the country’s three rival governments.

In an interview with London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published on Sunday, Al-Ghaweel said his focus is to establish a coherent state, saying the current national dialogue won’t succeed because it’s limited to people seeking personal interests.

Al-Ghaweel was referring to the recent meeting between Khalifa Haftar and Fayaz Sirraj in the UAE.

He indicated that the dispute is between two institutions, the General National Congress and the House of Representatives, pointing out that meetings were held between the two in order to reach a national unity government.

“An effective and viable solution would only be in Libya and through a Libyan-Libyan dialogue, sponsored by international organizations rather than states.” He said.

"I rejected the Government of National Accord and Skhirat agreement on legal basis." He explained.

Al-Ghaweel said the Libyan army is yet to be established and there are attempts to do so, pointing out that the Ministry of Defense affiliated to Fayaz Sirraj had provided cover for some armed groups.

“Militias and outlaw armed groups constitute a problem for all Libyan cities without exception due to the political vacuum and the absence of central authority.” He remarked.