The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, met with the UN envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily on Thursday and the two parties discussed the latest developments in the situation in Libya, and ways to support the political process that paves the way for holding elections.

The Presidential Council said in a statement that Bathily provided Al-Koni with a briefing on the meetings he recently held with political parties to bring their viewpoints closer together in order to end the political impasse and create the conditions for holding elections.

Bathily stressed his support for the viewpoints of the political parties that aim to achieve stability, saying that he will strive to continue communication with them to urge them to make the stability of Libya one of their first concerns.

Al-Koni hailed the efforts made by Bathily to achieve stability in Libya, and reaffirmed the Presidential Council’s support for the UN mission’s endeavors and Bathily’s call to hold a national dialogue for the Libyan parties to come up with recommendations that contribute to achieving the aspirations of the Libyan people by holding fair elections in accordance with fair laws.

The statement added that the meeting reviewed the situation in the southern region that suffer from instability due to the low level of services, and the waves of immigrants from neighboring countries as a result of the fragile situation at the border crossings, which will have major repercussions on Libya.

Al-Koni stressed the urgent need to support efforts to secure the borders, limit the flow of illegal immigrants before they reach the northern regions, and combat organized crime, to ensure stability in the south and bring about spatial development in it.