Vice President of the Presidential Council (PC) Abdullah Al-Lafi has received Jean-Claude Gakosso, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville, to discuss ongoing efforts towards national reconciliation in Libya.

The meeting, which also included Mohamed Hassan al-Labbad, the African Union Special Advisor for Reconciliation, addressed the challenges hindering the progress of the National Comprehensive Conference.

Central to the discussions was the pressing need to rebuild trust among all key stakeholders involved in the reconciliation process.

Al-Lafi underscored the pivotal role of the Presidential Council as a legitimate mediator, emphasizing its unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive dialogue.

He also commended the efforts of both the African Union Commission and the Republic of Congo in supporting Libya's path towards reconciliation, expressing optimism that advancements in this arena would herald a new era of stability and peace for the country.

In response, Minister Gakosso emphasized the urgency of overcoming obstacles hindering progress towards reconciliation, stressing the imperative of ensuring the participation of all relevant parties.

He praised the Presidential Council's dedicated efforts in laying the groundwork for reconciliation and stability within Libya.